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Sujit Kumar Saha
MBA, RCIC, R519545

About Bonnyville Immigration

About Bonnyville Immigration

Bonnyville Immigration Services Inc. is a Canadian immigration consulting firm incorporated under Business Corporations Act, Alberta. We offer services in all areas of Canadian immigration. Areas of speciality include Skilled Immigration, Business and Investor Programs, Provincial Nominee Program, Student Visa, PR and Citizenship Applications, Canadian Experience Class, and Family Class.

At Bonnyville Immigration, we care. We care about our client. We care about our client's family and their future. Immigration to Canada is not about filling out forms and waiting for your luck. It is about identifying your goals and building plans and strategies so that your goals become realistic and achievable. We ask our clients what their goals are, what they would like to achieve in life. We listen to our clients and build long term legal strategies for them within the context of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law. So they reach their milestones within the set timelines, and of course, achieve their goals.

Think about your kids, your future kids, think about your great grandchildren. You are actually making a history for next generations by deciding to immigrate to Canada. So, take things seriously to make your Canadian dream come true. VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t risk your dream by going to a Ghost Consultant, who has no authority to advise or help you with your immigration matter.

Be smart! Choose the right person to help you for the long term, and who will only work in your benefit. At Bonnyville Immigration, we not only help you with your immigration matter but also we set you up for success in Canada. We provide post-immigration advice and tools so you become economically established in Canada.

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